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The Looking List

The Looking List is Maldina Publishings' debut children's book by Author Monique Maldonado. Illustrated by Jaime Maldonado III.

Published December 2022.

Children's Fiction. Hardcover.

ISBN 979-8-9872922-0-4

Ages 5-8 years old. 


Book Summary

Gianna is having a bad day. She lost one of her favorite pens in the whole world. Now, what is she going to do? Follow along as Gianna and her Mami find the perfect way to find something you've lost: a looking list! Gianna has doubts at first, but she's happy to learn that she can have something she loves again with just a few steps and a little patience. 


Lora Lafin

Lora Lafin

Westchester Primary School Principal

Our students loved this book and Ms. Monique Maldonado gave a fabulous presenation during our Author Visit! She was interactive and engaged all of our young learners.

Keegan Lopez

Keegan Lopez


I love this book. The pictures are so good.

Edward Collins

Edward Collins

Chicago Principal

On what was supposed to be a routine day at home, Gianna realizes she's lost an item of high value and importance. As you turn the pages of 'The Looking List,' you read how Mami teaches Gianna a strategy for retracing her steps, staying organized, and keeping calm. A core disposition of any executive functioning skill we teach in school is for children to remain focused despite distractions. This is exactly what Mami does as she helps her daughter put pen-to-paper and create a looking list. Each page captivates and engages readers as Gianna searches for her prized possession. The author and illustrator duo magnificently use imagery within the storyline so emerging readers associate the beautiful drawings as context clues. While teaching Gianna a highly relatable lifelong skill, mother and daughter cement their already deep connection in the search for the famously favored pen.

Yaniris Quiñones

Yaniris Quiñones

Mom, Nanny, future Teacher

This is such a relatable book! I see myself in the moms character as she tries to help her daughter navigate problem-solving; this is something I would do with my own daughter and nanny kids. The book would be perfect in a classroom writing center as another way for the children to practice their writing, plus teaching the importance of list making and how useful they are!

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